Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My First Time: Ninjaism, The Dawning of a New Age & 'The Man'

After talking to a licensed therapist, they told me to find a "creative outlet" for my condition which what I will continue to refer to as "ninjaism". (You should add that to your dictionary now.) Anyways, more or less it impairs my ability to communicate with people, mostly in person. If you know me well enough I'm the guy who will ignore your call and text you back since I have a hard time talking on the phone - I never know when it is or isn't my turn to talk. All this time I thought I was just crazier or different than other people but I was relieved to find out there's actually other people out there who have a harder time than I do. I guess my ability has adapted well over the years of trial and error. Now that I have a better understanding of what I'm dealing with life has been a little easier. It's mostly the loud noises and bright lights I have trouble coping with, but I'm working on it.

I finally finished school after an eternity at Cal State Fullerton. I majored in Liberal Arts/Law. A clearly ambiguous major for those who want to be teaches, or in my case suck at math. Ironically I got promoted into a new job/branch at my company and I'm kind of flying solo at the moment. My only higher up is the company owner and so far my instructions are "don't screw it up". Copy that. I've been doing ok and learned more in 3 months than he did in the first 2 years of doing what I do. As long as I stay ahead of the metaphorical curve and don't mess up the same thing twice, I'll call it a win.

According to him it isn't too long before I start dealing with Amazon, eBay, Google, & Yahoo corporate for starters. Guess they all liked my new idea and program I built which should double our income with half the work. I'd go into details, but I guess it wouldn't be too wise to let any competitors in on my brilliant ideas. In the meantime, I'll think of a cool sign off phrase. Until then, I'll be on the same bat-channel at the same bat-time.

Listening to: J.A.R. - Greenday

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